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Veterans Administration
Scope of Services

Post Acute Advisors has a unique scope of services that has been proven to be of value to the health care systems of the Veterans Administration in a wide range of programs and services. We have worked as an integral part of the treatment teams involved in rehabilitation, mental health, vision, community re-entry and homeless programs.

Our focus of services includes accreditation preparation assistance (accreditation readiness assessment, initial accreditation survey preparation, mock surveys and efforts to sustain accreditation on an ongoing basis), program and delivery of care development, management/supervision development, data analysis and mapping, and staff training and education.

Specific services include:

  • Assessment of accreditation status/readiness: A comprehensive assessment involving documentation review, staff interviews, review of processes, medical record review etc. Outcome would a detailed report of issues to be addressed/activities necessary to achieve a successful accreditation. It is suggested that this assessment occur a minimum of 12 to 24 months prior to anticipation of an actual survey and may be the initial step of accreditation sustainability assistance.

  • Accreditation sustainability assistance: An ongoing, interactive process to assist in the implementation of the necessary steps to ensure a positive accreditation survey. This process usually involves a minimum of monthly involvement with program and leadership staff to gain an understanding of accreditation standard intent, development and implementation of necessary documents/policies/standard operating practices and processes; development, implementation, monitoring and reporting of patient satisfaction and quality management/performance measurement and utilization in ongoing performance improvement; development of documentation; data collection and analysis to of curriculum for staff training and education.

  • Initial accreditation preparation: A comprehensive, long term include data mining to discern trends, survey monkey development and analysis, creation of customized maps that illustrates the origin of your patients, position in the market, and market area needs for service development; and development process (in access of a one year period) that provides direction/guidance and hands on assistance in: policy/standard operating practice, position description and functional statement, and organizational chart development; development and implementation of health and safety processes; quality indicator development/measurement and monitoring; leadership structure and functional implementation; strategic planning; patient, staff and public survey development, measurement and monitoring; delivery of care mapping, assessment, and implementation; veteran handbook and brochure development, etc.

  • Mock surveys: A comprehensive survey process over a four day period that results in an assessment of program readiness and action plan of items that merit consideration prior to the actual survey.

  • Staff training and education

Program Experience

  • Medical rehabilitation (comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation, brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, stroke)
  • Vision rehabilitation services
  • Behavioral/mental health services (PRRC, Mental Health Residential Rehab Treatment Programs, Domicillary, MHICM, VJO)
  • Employment and community services (Homeless Programs, AT Lab, CWT)
  • Homeless programs (HCHV, GPD and HUD-VASH)
  • Mental Health Intensive Case Management